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Wow this is a very beautiful but sad image that accurately represents depression. Thanks for inviting me to be part of this project. Wish you all the best for your next projects! :)

drpacman responds:

Thank you for the music.

Ha that started sad but ended funny with a classic twist. Nice to hear my music in it too. Thanks so much! :)

ForgeFrog responds:

Thank you for posting your cool music on Newgrounds! Creators like you make this site a whole lot better!

Ha ha nice animation and what a way to get your message across! :D

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Ha ha haven't played one of these DRESSUP games in so long. That was funny and well made :)

Adorable and perfect for the holidays. I love the penguin character design, backgrounds and overall Christmas theme. Kind of reminds me of classic Sonic. 5/5 :)

Beautiful and very memorable. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Newgrounds and all the artists and developers involved in this. Wish you great success for the new year and many more years to come :)

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A good start just beware of the distortion in the beginning while recording. Please upload a few more of your tracks here so I can scout you for the Audio Portal. :)

Positron832 responds:

I really don't think this is scout-worthy... but I will try to upload some better songs in the future maybe. I noticed the distortion too after converting the file format. MidSequer is a mobile app that let's you make simple melodies so this is not me playing an actual piano.

Well said my friend. Great podcast and yes there is hope!

VicariousE responds:

Thank you so much! Trump is no angel, but at least his list of constituents is limited to US citizens, and not paid interests from inside and outside the country. Many PAC's are funded through foundations, the money trail washed of conflict of interest problems, whole thing is messy and caters to a 2 party system, which ultimately share too many of the same goals.

Awesome bro!!

Let's jus say you passed the audition. I got the perfect script for you. Will hit you up once its done :)

patrickliberty responds:

excellent (-_-)

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Wow beautiful work! I love the coloring and expression you captured.

Stopsignal responds:

Thank you so much!! only warm colors allowed around these parts

Sweet pose nice illustration :)

Lol it made me laugh especially those eyes and the blank expression on his face. Just work on the legs. Rest is fine I guess. Nice fire and good lighting work in the background :)

Wondermeow responds:

Thanks dude everybody seem to think its legs lol, was meant to be his tail oh well ^^.

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