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Ha ha nice animation and what a way to get your message across! :D

Beautiful work featuring some legendary characters! :)

This is so epic with beautiful details I literally cannot stop watching this on loop lol. I love her little smirk just before the camera pulls out to show the full awesomeness syncing perfectly with the music! :)

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Beautiful and very memorable. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays Newgrounds and all the artists and developers involved in this. Wish you great success for the new year and many more years to come :)

Truly blown away! I've seen many movies with a strong public service message but to find it in a game gives it an even deeper impact as you are involved in it interactively. Great job! :)

Really cute platformer. Reminds me a bit of Kirby. Well done to you and your team :)

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A good start just beware of the distortion in the beginning while recording. Please upload a few more of your tracks here so I can scout you for the Audio Portal. :)

Christmastron832 responds:

I really don't think this is scout-worthy... but I will try to upload some better songs in the future maybe. I noticed the distortion too after converting the file format. MidSequer is a mobile app that let's you make simple melodies so this is not me playing an actual piano.

Awesome bro!!

Let's jus say you passed the audition. I got the perfect script for you. Will hit you up once its done :)

patrickliberty responds:

excellent (-_-)

So much feeling and love put into this

Some of the best songs and raps come right from the heart and with a heart as big as yours it only makes it even better. I'm glad to know some of the REAL musicians on NG are making their way to the top :)

MYDBoi responds:

The heart is where it's at man =) thank you bro. It's people like you that give me hope to continue on with music. I'm glad I can reach out to people.

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Wow beautiful work! I love the coloring and expression you captured.

Stopsignal responds:

Thank you so much!! only warm colors allowed around these parts

Sweet pose nice illustration :)

Really amazing artwork!

...making Sense out of Nonsense.

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