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Podcast #2 (medium fucking rare) Podcast #2 (medium fucking rare)

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Well said my friend. Great podcast and yes there is hope!

VicariousE responds:

Thank you so much! Trump is no angel, but at least his list of constituents is limited to US citizens, and not paid interests from inside and outside the country. Many PAC's are funded through foundations, the money trail washed of conflict of interest problems, whole thing is messy and caters to a 2 party system, which ultimately share too many of the same goals.

Jackbliss - (-_-) Jackbliss - (-_-)

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Awesome bro!!

Let's jus say you passed the audition. I got the perfect script for you. Will hit you up once its done :)

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patrickliberty responds:

excellent (-_-)

++_I Forgive You_++ ++_I Forgive You_++

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So much feeling and love put into this

Some of the best songs and raps come right from the heart and with a heart as big as yours it only makes it even better. I'm glad to know some of the REAL musicians on NG are making their way to the top :)

MYDBoi responds:

The heart is where it's at man =) thank you bro. It's people like you that give me hope to continue on with music. I'm glad I can reach out to people.

Too long/Steam machine Cover Too long/Steam machine Cover

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Hey this was really good for your first audio submission here! The music is very well layered with a good mixture of different tunes and sound effects. Looking forward to seeing... uh I mean... HEARING more from you ;-)

alveon responds:

I really do not know why i added an audience. I'm weird xD i can't beleive i have 2 downloads!

.:-{Broken Wings}-:. .:-{Broken Wings}-:.

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Sounds very mystical

Love it. It sounds very mystical kinda legendary as if a great war is going to take place. Would make a great background music as you said. Overal great job :-)

Tamadrum responds:

Thanks, most of my stuff is more of the backroundish type... not really meant to be in the forefront nessacarily... I cant spell. lol.

Some Fusion Some Fusion

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Yeah! Awesome!

Dude that was amazing! Keep it up! :-D

whitefire05 responds:

thanks man!

Midnight Montage Midnight Montage

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Beginning sucks but...

...the rest is pure gold :-D

Chippy-chan responds:

The beginning is a bit of a hamper on the song simply because I took a few days for downtime after going nowhere with the piece. I personally want to re-do the opening, but the file was over-written due to a sibling conflict. But thanks for the comment. :)

The day I found the CD The day I found the CD

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The day I found an INCREDABLE Audio submission :-)

This is pure genius! I love it's simple, it's got a great beat and MOST of all it's FUN! I downloaded this and uploading this into my MP3 player as I type this review!! Well done and keep up the good work :-D

breadpunch responds:

Awesome! This is easily the best review ever lol, be sure to keep your eyes out for more :)

Victory Theme! Victory Theme!

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Wow if I didn't know better I'd say you were conducting your own orchestra! Would LOVE to have this as a reward music if I ever made a game :-D

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TehSeph responds:

Why thank you. ;)