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Flat Earth Debate

Posted by jackbliss - February 23rd, 2020

Watch me in a live debate for the true shape of Earth. Special thanks to YouTube Channel FTFE

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Comments (25)

There shouldn't even be a debate the earth is flat.

I agree but many still believe in the globe for some reason even though no actual photo or video of it exists to this day and admitted by NASA themselves it is photoshopped by their data visualizer https://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/people/RSimmon.html Thanks for your comment and support! :)

The Earth is round.

I used to think the same but no actually. It is flat and stationary as it feels and is observable even from 20 miles up https://youtu.be/wfUbBn7u2d0 #ResearchFlatEarth

@rashard1234 ur dumb, earth is flat. everyone knew this like thousands of years ago that the earth was flat

Daaang a full three hours of this... don´t think I have the patience to put myself into a debate I'm baffled there is a reason for. If the world is flat why not go out on a great adventure and explore the borders and lands beyond? What does a potential cover up on the geometrical shape of our Earth prove? I see this a bit like religion. Just don't think it'd be possible convince me the world is anything but round, when everything I see points me to believe it is. The photos. The science. The everything I read. Roundness is a form reflected in nature. In the fabric of our being. In molecules and atoms. In our bodies. Maybe in the shape of the universe itself, if ours is but part of a multiverse. In galaxies. In the sun. In the moon. It's a form that makes sense in both its simplicity and its endlessness. It seems so undeniably logic. That the Earth would be an anomaly to the laws that dictate our very existence... just doesn't make sense.

Really baffled by this movement, but to each their own. I'll respect those who believe in omniscient gods as well as those who believe in other geometrical structures. Just don't feel a need to seek purpose in such a belief.

Try going to Antartica and go past a certain point and see the amount of military push back you would recieve. None of the photos NASA produces of Earth is real but more photoshopped composites or plain cgi. No actual footage of round 1,000 mph spinning Earth exists to this day despite 65 million dollar a day budget when even a basic phone these days can capture the moon. There is a reason this is a movement and believe me as a former NASA fanboy who loved the idea of space travel it was not easy digest but we must pursue truth regardless of our previous indoctrination. A great article to begin your journey with is from NASA's own data visualizer Rob Simmons who tells you in great detail how Earth images are created from scratch https://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/people/RSimmon.html Also a great video that shows how NASA Artists create space art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umeHIxIdKxE

Thanks for your comment.

I'm not even going to watch a debate on this topic.

I'm not going to be told something that is so simply stated, from the examples around your and i's noggins. you know? our round heads.

I'M FROM FLORIDA! i can tell you, FIRST HAND motherfucker...
this p l a n e t a r y R O C K we got here baby!!! It's bulbous...it's plump...
It's borderline GREASY it's so round....

the only thing that makes it less greasy is a fucking towel...like yourself sir.

unfathomable day to you.

Have flat earthers really tried going beyond? That'd put things in a new perspective... to set the record straight I don't find NASA to be a very credible authority, or any other authority for that matter. I'm open to the idea the moon landing was fake, a show just to win the arms race, but firmly believe we've definitely been in space since. NASA aren't the only ones who take pictures. Do you believe it's a global conspiracy? That Russia and the US are really in cahoots with one another? Sweden? China? The hundreds if not thousands of companies worldwide that manage satellites for various networks? All companies that somehow deal with transport, be it by air or sea? How do you believe compasses work? How do you explain the mantle and core of our planet? How do you explain gravity? Those are both great videos, but I don't see how illustrated work is at all proof that our world doesn't really look like what it's painted out to be, it seems more so a beautification of our world than a false depiction. There are so many people who've been in space at this point. You'd think someone would shed light on the conspiracy if there is one. Personally it seems more believe that Bob Lazar really came into contact with alien vessels, as the evidence does point towards it. Or that we all live in a simulation, which would be impossible to prove if true. The world being flat... there's just no logic to me. It'd be a geometric anomaly. It'd undermine the laws of physics as we know them...

But what I feel it all comes down to to me is: Why? What benefit would there be to hiding a potential fact such as fundamental as this? There's definitely a lot of shady things going on in the world, but that we'd have been deceived for centuries at this point, before a point when technology assisted that would make such a mission possible... difficult to consider.

Do appreciate how cordial you are here btw. Apologies if I seem defensive and close-minded, maybe I am, the idea just seems inexplicably implausible to me. As if someone claimed cars were an evolved form of dinosaurs... I really feel like it's one of those things you might get into simply because you know there's something wrong with the world, and that sense of wrongness has to find an outlet... so here's a compelling one. More compelling the more people speak against it, maybe, since it just goes to prove how deep-rooted their ignorance and global misdirection really is...

Anyway maybe I will give that debate a watch later on, save time, curious how conventional physics fit into the equation for starters...

If you think for a second only NASA is fraudulent and other countries can't be involved in it then you need only look into the Antartic treaty agreement where all governments united in not allowing any public to do their own research with very limited travel to Antartica


Core, mantle, even gravity is only a theory never once actually proven in any experiment as even any mainstream scientist will tell you and it makes zero sense that it can hold down oceans or stones to fall but allow butterlies and helium balloons to float up. Simple buoyancy which can be proven in any lab explains why lighter than air subtances tend to float upwards and the rest down.

As far going into space is real I'm sorry but it's all green screen or cgi with actornauts. Plenty of videos online with astronauts fading in and out, being caught on wires, etc.


Again this is a very deep subject and Flat Earthers are not saying 100% we know it's flat but the truth is it looks and feels very stationary other than the data visualized photoshop composites like blue Marble by NASA or Himawari by Japanese and no matter what these wizards claim artwork or cartoons will never ever be real. Anyway knowing the Moon landing was faked is a great start and I have no doubt you will find the truth about the Globe lie sooner or later just as I did. Good luck on your journey.

If the earth is flat, why can't I see Everest from my backyard? Why do ships disappear bottom first when sailing away from you? Here's a novel idea: before you believe something someone is telling you, check it, then you won't end up sounding so ridiculous next time.

Yes because atmosphere thickness has nothing to do with our visibility. Btw the classic example of the ship disappearing over the "curve" globe believers have used for decades has already been debunked and the ships have been brought back into view thanks to modern cameras and the powerful zoom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ct7i780xWY

Hey friends round-2 is live tonight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gs9pWEHSM4

the earth is dinosaur, checkmate.

And here we see the flat earth True believe getting trolled by the Newgrounds community

Everything is a sphere...

What about before 1961 though? All the public expeditions from back in the day. All a hoax? And what about our other, opposing pole (for those of us who believe in a round Earth)? For those who believe in a flat one however: why wouldn't you able to venture in all opposing directions? Antarctica would be just one edge of the map, right? No treaties that hinder access to opposing corners/sides.

Hmm. What do you believe exists beyond our atmosphere? My know-how in the field does lack a little depth here, bit without a revolving motion it seems unlikely it'd all stay in place. It's true there's no certainty to a lot of our physical laws, but the revolution makes sense. Some of these things can be tested on a smaller scale. When you ride a bike, for example, the friction/vehicular motion is what causes stability. If you stop you lose balance. And how do you explain the stars? That you can follow them as they revolve around the world? Our seasons? How certain areas of the Earth turn cold according to certain distances/angles from the sun? Day and night? All of these natural mechanics that really don't seem as reasonable if we're not a globe. We can compare temperatures on varying sides of the planet. If we don't trust the media we can speak to people we do trust. We can encrypt our transmissions and use verbal passwords and codes to make sure we're really sure we're talking to the person we mean to talk to, and compare atmospheric effects at select times on different areas of the planet to ascertain whether the geometrical shape of the world makes sense or not. If the Earth was flat, wouldn't the light hit it differently? Wouldn't the seasons work differently?

OK, so you don't believe we've ever been in space, but do you believe IN space? If you see our entire solar system as simply a CGI canvas then it'd be difficult to discuss these claims with regard to physics... we'd basically be in a simulation. A little Truman world, whomever may be the authority. I am open to that idea too, that reality is in fact all simulated, but not ready to live my life in a way that regards that idea as the absolute truth, as it simply doesn't matter at such a point. If it is a simulation either I can try to get out (how would I do that if it's a perfect simulation), or to live as best I can according to the laws of the simulation. Similar to how physics steer our physical limitations now, the simulation would steer every aspect of our being.

Regarding the video, I'd see these anomalies more so as visual artifacts. No equipment's perfect. Especially not with the kind of resolution they're working with here. There are comments under the video implying this as well. I feel at this point it really all comes down to what you want to believe in.

Alright, I just can't seem to convince myself it'd be possible with such a massive cover-up, and the geometry doesn't make sense to me. Proof seems to boil down to visual anomalies and new ideas with regard to what I'd consider established physical laws... but if you do uncover some compelling proof that'd be awesome. If some whistle-blowing astronaut comes out with something it'd be amazing. I'm not sure I really feel compelled to start testing this path, as lack of belief doesn't merit priority, but thank you, I'll try to be open-minded with whatever I stumble upon. Good luck to you too.

@PoopaTroopa @jackbliss It been debunked? Oh I didn't know that! So my excellent distance vision has been tricking me the entire time! :O Atmosphere thickness?! I never heard that before! It makes so much sense now! There is this lovely thing called LOGIC, it helps defeat ignorant arguments like those two.
How does camera zoom explain that issue? If the ship was actually sitting that low in the water, it would sink in the first rough seas it encounters! If you look closely at the tanker you will notice that there is no bow wave visible, why? If it was really that low in the water, the bow wave should still be visible.

Maybe before you mouth off about something you know nothing about, you should talk to someone who does, rather than citing crappy YouTube videos. Science, technology, and history are not on your side. I hope for your sake that you are just trolling.

P.S. I think the word you're looking for is density, not thickness.

@Cyberdevil @jackbliss You seriously don't understand why a helium balloon floats and a rock doesn't?! Wow! Helium is less dense than the oxygen hydrogen etc. mix that makes up the air we breathe, which makes the more dense air "push past" it making it float. A rock on the other hand is more dense (it has more atoms packed in) than air so it falls. It's the same reason why a pool floaty floats on the surface, rather than sinking to the bottom.

This is elementary science, you should probably go read a book on physics, before you make yourself look more foolish than you already do.

@PoopaTroopa @jackbliss Also you, and the video you linked to, failed to answer the question. Why do ships disappear bottom first? Do they get progressively more loaded down as they sail farther away? Are they leaking and filling with water? So what you're saying is that every ship that I've seen sailing away sank, rather than just dropping out of sight due to the earth's curvature?

I find this really baffling!

@PoopaTroopa You know another thing we learned in elementary science? That thing about the Earth being round.

It's interesting how you jumped in on a random logical fallacy that adheres to the same conventionally proven and accepted theories y'all seem to be trying to disprove.

I'm open to exploring alternative theories as to how our realm of existence works, but this really isn't saying anything.

@Cyberdevil I admit that was lame, I called it elementary because of my frustration that even basic concepts were being questioned, but now I see that I should expect this. Why don't we question whether existence is a farce or not like the Nihilists.

The burden of proof is on those who wish to prove that the earth is flat. Setting photos, video, and other things I consider to be fact aside, round earth is the best theory at this point. So what you need to do to is prove the flat earth hypothesis has more evidence behind it than the opposite, which at this point in time isn't the case.

Technically you can't prove that a ball will fall every time you drop it, but seeing as it happens every time you do, we can reasonably assume that it will continue to happen that way.

Ok first of all there is no actual photo or video of the Earth proving it is a globe except for some badly photoshop composite images of Earth cropped into a circle based on data visualizations or insanely distorted forced curvature using fish eyed lens that if taken as the curvature would mean Florida is half the size of the "planet" like this https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/145308/floridas-rocks-and-rocketeers

Decades of "space travel" and this is all they provide us on top of some cgi space balls. Most globe believers aren't even aware of this and simply assume these images are real. They hire artists and data visualizers like Rob Simmons and hide the truth on NASA's own website https://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/people/RSimmon.html

Second of all any scientist will tell you gravity is a theory and never actually proven in any scientific method or experiment. This magical gravity can somehow hold down massive oceans but allow small helium balloons to float? The REAL reason why the ball goes down when you drop is because it is denser and heavier than air, the reason why a hot air helium balloon goes up is because helium is lighter than air. This is called buoyancy which unlike gravity CAN be proven in simple experiments at home.

I understand this is a lot to take in given all the indoctrination we undergo from school to Hollywood movies so I am very patient as Flat Earthers were with me as well. Thankfully we live in an age where more people have access to technology than ever before and able to capture beautiful footage like this from 0 to 108,000 ft (over 20 miles) and the horizon is absolutely FLAT!


Hey, @PoopaTroopa, I think I might've misdirected my frustration as well, seems we share the belief the Earth is round? Which is my assumption as well. Agree fully regarding the burden of proof, and how anything else than a sphere seems just like an unfathomable geometrical anomaly. You can drop anything that spins into a vacuum and see what shape it naturally forms - it's possible to do this experiment on ground level, you don't need space to create an artificial vacuum.

Regarding the Florida Keys photo below: if the Earth is indeed round, then it's only natural the point that is closest to you when you take a photo will seem the largest, no? The rest of the world would be spread out evenly across the sphere, with the larger part of it always hidden from view. Only if it's flat would everything be of equal proportion. To disregard all satellite networks, all communication protocols that make use of them, the weather, the gravitational differences depending on where you are in the world, the similarity of our own planet to those we can see if we just look into a telescope, how all natural forms and mechanics seem to be based upon circular or spherical forms/motions... there's definitely a burden of proof there that's difficult to climb past without adhering more to belief than provided evidence. I'm still baffled, but anyway, regarding the last video: inverted fish eye lenses exist too, and I wonder if that footage is really taken with a >60° field of view... as massive as the world is a slight curvature supposedly only starts to show properly around 35,000 feet up, and how this is captured on camera of course depends on the equipment. To actually go into space yourself though, that'd be the one way to really be certain. And to circulate the planet as to make sure it's round on all sides.

Or to sail around the world, assuming you rely on conventional tools of measurement for such a task. I do understand how you could get into this with the footage that's floating around though, and how strongly supporters advocate these theories...

@PoopaTroopa @jackbliss At the end of the last video, look at the edges of the footage. What do you see? What I see is a smearing cause by someone distorting the video in post. Interesting...

Also, you still haven't explained to me why a ship, that is sailing away from you, disappears bottom first. It seems to me that you are dodging the question!

Instead of claiming that the photos from space, the moon, orbit, etc. are fake, which is debatable, please answer the question.

@Cyberdevil Just to clarify my stance, I believe the earth is round, as show by centuries of scientific experiments, and other strong evidence.

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