Entry #125

McDonald's Monopoly

2017-10-21 15:29:56 by jackbliss

The most I've ever won was a cheeseburger :P


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2017-10-21 16:07:06

Is it going on right now? Let's agree to help each other win.b

jackbliss responds:

Lol YES! I'm luvin it. Looking for the legendary 'Boardwalk' :)


2017-10-21 21:04:33


jackbliss responds:

Lol sad but true but hey it could McHappen? :P


2017-10-24 00:43:51

That's the entire idea behind it. You get one Park Place, and there's a billion Park Place tabs manufactured and slapped onto your fries and soda, but only about a dozen Boardwalk tabs for every billion Park Place tabs. It's like the Powerball lottery, promises of riches, only to get you to buy a ticket. You could visit McDonalds EVERY DAY for all 3 meals and still never win anything, while someone who visits McDonalds once in a blue moon wins the top grand prize. Luck and Corporate Shenanigans go hand in hand, amigos. Vegas is much the same. The big man on top controls the metaphorical wheel, and controls the fortunes. A lucky few win big, most of us joes and janes lose a few bucks, making fat boy and his green pockets fatter and greener. Capitalism, ladies and gents.

jackbliss responds:

Wow that was very profound. Thanks for your great description. Yes lottery, casinos and prizes like McDonald's Monopoly are very very rare. Still someone wins. Best thing is to have fun and not rely on random luck and work on something unqiue and have a reliable backup income. Thanks for your comment :)


2017-10-24 22:40:01

One word. Capitalism.