Always offer a seat to a lady

2014-02-06 23:47:11 by jackbliss

Free seats for women! (conditions apply)


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2014-02-07 01:21:25

Haha, your comic matches up well with you post! :D

jackbliss responds:

Lol thanks Kajenx :)


2014-02-07 06:07:12

Nice comic, has great timing in it :)

jackbliss responds:

Thank you Basset-Hound! Nice timely comment you made lol. Hope you can like my Facebook page for more! :)


2014-02-07 20:27:02

It's so true.

jackbliss responds:

Lol yea. Thanks for sharing :)


2014-02-17 17:49:54

Hope the new website can make you a few bucks, maybe even get a modest syndication or two.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks a lot for your support! :)


2014-03-05 10:28:43

Your full of Illuminati one world government NWO propaganda. Regain pride in individual nations now.