How to get off payin your taxes..

2013-05-24 12:13:21 by jackbliss

Works everytime ;)

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How to get off payin your taxes..


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2013-05-24 14:36:56

Hahah man I love this.

(Updated ) jackbliss responds:

Thanks buddy! Lemme know if you ever need a hand with your taxes ;)


2013-05-24 16:23:27

Does it work for income tax?

jackbliss responds:

So long as they're gullible enough you can find someone to pay for just about anything for you ;)


2013-05-24 17:48:49

lol gotta love that little prick of a cat best comic charecter ever

jackbliss responds:

Wow thanks a lot man. Means a lot. Animated versions comings soon :D


2013-05-25 03:57:02

what is he going do use the camera for anyway?

jackbliss responds:

Sell it for parts ;)


2013-05-25 05:42:59

Go to jail. No tax payment.

jackbliss responds:

Yup. Tax payers take care of your taxes for you :P


2013-05-26 01:48:06

Nice joke, but one thing that irks me is that the tax wasn't included in the price already.
What country is this allowed in? Of course I wouldn't have a clue if this is allowed in North America, my knowledge only goes as far as Aus, some Asian countries and Europe. :\

jackbliss responds:

This comic is based on my recent purchase of a camera in Canada. The display price was $237 and it was only at the billing I was informed plus tax it comes out to $270. Same happened when I bought my keyboard and pretty much everything you buy here except milk which is not taxed for some reason lol.

Thanks for the comment and be sure to follow the comics for more eh :)