Canadian Hospitals better than Night Clubs!

2013-05-17 10:33:17 by jackbliss

So get injured today! :D

Canadian Hospitals better than Night Clubs!


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2013-05-17 18:18:41

It's too small, I can't read anything.

jackbliss responds:

Hey sorry about that. You can always read it on my website


2013-05-17 23:45:48

I went for a cat scan after an accident... took 8 hours and cost enough to buy a new small car!! No wonder insurance is so damn high here, they bill you for just sitting there (rent), while the staff does other stuff :\

jackbliss responds:

Yeah I heard its bad there bro. Hope Obama Care works out for you all. Thanks for your comment and insight as always :)


2013-05-18 18:26:16

mother Canada , here i come !

jackbliss responds:

Welcome home son... welcome home :)