Driver's license not just for driving!

2013-05-01 13:14:04 by jackbliss

Admit it this is the main reason you got yours ;)

Check out the NEXT strip and find out what the cat does with his new ID only at

Driver's license not just for driving!


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2013-05-01 15:14:44

Driver's ID in the mail? Not since the 20th century has that happened!

jackbliss responds:

Ha ha I actually got mine in the mail but then again I live in Canada :)


2013-05-02 01:59:06

fuuny really love your work hope the best to you to and your work actually it lit a spark for me to begin practicing flash (though i suck)hope to be a flash animator

(Updated ) jackbliss responds:

Hey thank you so much! Glad I inspired you to begin practising Flash. If you have any doubts or questions about anything be sure to pm me here or email me at All the best and looking forward to your works :)


2013-05-02 08:43:59

No way man, I drive every chance I get. :) Still need to get my own car though...

(Updated ) jackbliss responds:

Own car is waaaay too much responsibilty bro so until you get your own enjoy everyone else's and the perks of having an ID ;)