Cool trick if you're short on cash for a date!

2013-04-17 20:04:28 by jackbliss

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Cool trick if you're short on cash for a date!


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2013-04-17 20:19:40

have u ever sucked a dick 4 cash

(Updated ) jackbliss responds:

Thankfully I've never had to but I have kissed a lot of asses :P


2013-04-17 20:23:34

This is cute. Like really cute. But Newgrounds is most certainly not the place to promote your work because it's filled with 10 year olds that want to see nipples and dicks. Try imgur. I'm serious. Please keep going. :)

(Updated ) jackbliss responds:

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely try imgur. Thanks so much for the motivation :)


2013-04-17 20:48:12

Oh, if only real life worked that well :)
And don't worry about the age bracket here, the kids might bring down your scores a tad, but they'll grow up and realize the value of your work... and imgur, and wherever else you can!

jackbliss responds:

Thanks so much. I think it would work. Also NG is Everything by Everyone so its for all age groups and all tastes :)


2013-04-17 21:52:19

Id suck a cute dick 4 cash

jackbliss responds:

Hey FrozenFire I'm your biggest FAN! Autograph please?! :D


2013-04-18 09:52:03

Nicely done!

jackbliss responds:

Thank you :)


2013-04-25 17:37:24

Haha, will have to try this some time. :D

jackbliss responds:

Good luck! Thanks for the comment :)