Performance on Daytime Ottawa TV Show

2013-03-24 11:52:09 by jackbliss

My performance on a TV show called Daytime Ottawa. It also marks my Canadian television debut. Thanks for all your support Newgrounds! For more please subscribe to our YouTube channel Download the original track on Newgrounds here


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2013-03-24 18:04:35

Brilliant work! So glad to see a talented Newgrounder hit the airwaves! Pity they couldn't add the Newgrounds link, but they got your FB and website info out. Too bag NG doesn't make lapel pins :(
No chair? Cheapos. If Elton John came 'round, he'd be playing full grand piano from a Laz-E-Boi! Get anything to eat from craft services?

(Updated ) jackbliss responds:

Hey thanks a lot!! Yeah its too bad. I gave them links to all my web links including Newgrounds and Albinoblacksheep but they chose only 3. Oh and they offered a chair I refused it lol :D


2013-03-25 08:16:22

Wow man, that's pretty awesome.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks bro! :)


2013-03-26 00:57:58

Wow, I think I speak for all of us here at NG when I say, we are so proud of you. :) Kudos good sir.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks so much! NG and ABS is the place where everything started for me :)